Photograph Karl Blossfeldt © Jürgen Wilde Archiv

Psychotherapy Practice   Sebastian Potter   Clinical Psychologist




English (mother tongue)

German (fluent speaker, limited writer)

Basics in Polish and Afrikaans



Reading, writing, riding a mountain bike, jogging, cooking, acting, travelling



1997 Awarded a bursary from the University of Natal for outstanding academic performance in 1996



1997 Paper delivered at the 3rd Qualitative Methods Conference: “How to heal a sick society“ in the UNISA complex, Durban, South Africa. Title: „How to beach without bumming“ Theme: Racism on the Durban beachfront

2010 Attendance at the 2. EFCAP Congress in Basel, Switzerland (EFCAP = European Association for Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology and other involved Professionals)

2015  Attendance at the 5th World Conference on AD/HD in Glasgow, Scotland.



Potter, S.R. & Dutton, V.M. (1997). How to beach without bumming: The function of ‘crowd’ as a racist metaphor in the ‘new’ South Africa. Conference proceedings of the 3rd Qualitative Methods Conference (9-10 September 1997), UNISA, Durban.

Potter, S. (2005). How to start your arse. New Therapist 37, May/June. Topic: Introduction to Provocative Therapy.